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This program has been designed to help parents support their children as they learn, grow and enjoy their athletic experience.

What you will experience from this program:

  • How to help your child optimize their performance

  • A communication model to help build confidence

  • How to empower your child for success on and off the field

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Empowering Your Youth Athlete for Success

What you will experience in this program:

Today in the world of sports, our athletes are under so much pressure to perform. From 5 year olds to professional athletes, the expectations we have placed on them are unrealistic for long term success on and off the field, without the proper support.  This program has been designed to help parents support their youth athlete as they grow as a person and also enjoy their athletic experience.  


  • How to help your youth athlete to optimize their performance

  • A communication model to help build confidence

  • How to empower your youth athlete for long term success on and off the field


Wednesday February 26, 2020 -- 7:00 - 9:00 pm       



Baseball BC 

#310 - 15225 104th Ave

Surrey BC, 



Cost: $45

To register please fill out the registration form below and a link to pay for your seat will be emailed to you. *Limited spaces available.


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