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High Performance Mindset




"What sets you apart?"

*** 6 Week Fall Program Starts Nov 2023 ***




How do you know which player development program is for you? There are so many choices and, if you’re looking for a unique approach to player development that sets you apart from others, this is the program for you. When The Complete Athlete was created, the philosophy was and continues to be, help players and coaches optimize performance using a game changing, people first, wholistic development model. We discovered through personal experience and research that most high performance programs only focus on the physical and tactical skills of a given sport, while unintentionally missing what we believe is the most important part of athlete development and creating positive change.


We believe that with all the increased expectations on youth athletes today, they are just not being properly supported and given all the tools they need to succeed.  That’s how we can help.  It’s our belief that to truly achieve long term success on and off the field, a wholistic approach, developing the whole person, is the missing link to success.  We help build stronger people because by building stronger people first, as a result, we build stronger athletes, players, students, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, teachers and so on.  We truly believe that this approach is and will continue to be the game changing development model that will help players and coaches be the best versions of themselves everyday and achieve anything they desire on their personal journey to success and excellence.



Programs can be customized to individual/team/organizational needs


Session 1 - Mindset

  • Gain the mental focus needed for optimal performance

  • Train your brain by developing a mindset of excellence

  • Change your stress response to a success response


Session 2 – Beliefs & Self-talk

  • How our thoughts create our success

  • How to create beliefs that support your success

  • How to beat the blame game


Session 3 – Visualization & Mental Rehearsal

  • A new perspective on outcomes

  • Visualization techniques

  • Installing strategies for success


Session 4 – Your Brain and Performance

  • How the brain functions optimally

  • The missing links to optimal performance

  • Recognizing the importance of a wholistic approach to performance


Session 5 – The Learning Process

  • How we learn

  • Recognize your personal learning style

  • Making the most of your learning style


Session 6 – The Best Version of Yourself

  • Learn self-motivation techniques

  • Finding the leader within you

  • 5 Keys to Excellence

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