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Coaches, one of our Ten Principles of Excellence is "we are 100% responsible for our communication." This is a large subject and the theory behind it is that if a relationship is important to you, and you don't get the response or result you are looking for, it's up to you to take responsibility and deliver the information in a way that will get you the results you want. The effort in getting the results you want will depend on how important the relationship is to you. ( how important is your relationship with your players?) Being 100% responsible for your communication can eliminate frustration, the BLAME GAME (not my fault, I did my part, etc) and optimize the experience for you and your players!


We are a combination of many communication elements and and one aspect is our representational systems. We are a combination of all four Rep Systems; Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Auditory Digital. To communicate more effectively with our players when explaining drills, demonstrating a skill and delivering private instruction etc., knowing their favoured representational system can help you optimize the learning environment for everyone.

What to look for, listen to and notice in each system: (small sample size)

Visual: 1) Needs a clear visual to follow directions 2)Process information very quickly/respond quickly 3)How things look is very important 4) Will say " I SEE what your saying"

Auditory: 1)Analyzes everything thoroughly before acting 2)Need to talk things out 3)How things sound is important to them 4) Will say " I HEAR what your saying"

Kinesthetic: 1)Usually more physical, need to touch, hands on 2)Can get overwhelmed with too many choices 3)Patience and ability to concentrate help them notice things that others might miss 4)How things FEEL is very important

Auditory Digital: 1)Tend to exhibit tendencies from all other Rep Systems. 2)Spend most of their time processing internally and will often talk to themselves. 3)Tend to be very sequential. 4) Things need to MAKE SENSE

Thanks for reading all the way to the end and I hope that all the information I share will in some way, help you on your journey..


To learn more, please contact me at email: iPhone: 604-908-0369 (text or call)

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