“Brad is on the cusp of something that hasn’t been implemented by many in this sport. His soft spoken nature allows the kids he works with to feel comfortable and at ease no matter the topic or situation. Brad is able to speak from his own personal experiences which makes his message that much more meaningful. I look forward to watching his success over the coming years. He will always have a home with our FVBA family.”   

-Corey Eckstein - Yale Baseball Academy, FVBA, Baseball BC High Performance, Kansas City Royals Scout, Baseball Canada

"The Complete Athlete covers topics that are on the cutting edge of performance. What you learn through Brad is something you need if you want to become an all-around person and athlete. Brad hosted The Empowering your Youth Athlete for Success Seminar. This event was a professional well-executed night. 2 hours of learning how to harness new mental techniques. As a coach and fellow educator of youth athletes, I learned new things I can implement today with my athletes. Brad is a good story-teller with an improving story of how his techniques changed his life. If you are an athlete looking to gain an edge I recommend Brad and The Complete Athlete."

-Darren Honeysett - Next Play Athletics  www.nextplayathletics.ca

"I just wanted to reflect back to you the impact of your chat with the boys. After your talk, from the dugout, I heard players shouting to each other - RESET, it's okay, RESET! Brad, it's so great that they are using the language you gave them! Your message landed."..."I was in awe to see a male athlete talk about the importance of self talk, constant co-creation, no failure only Feedback, and how blaming is an act of giving your power away, leaving you feeling empty. All of these aspects combined, are the result of how we show up in a game, on the mound, or just in life."..."I wanted you to know that you are making a difference in these kids lives."  JODY KONKEN - Parent from Big League Experience Camp in Oliver, BC

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